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Bikeshed Errors

Automatic generation of the file scroll-animations-1/Overview.html was successful but Bikeshed reported the following:

LINK ERROR: Multiple possible 'requestAnimationFrame()' idl refs.
Arbitrarily chose https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/imagebitmap-and-animations.html#dom-animationframeprovider-requestanimationframe
To auto-select one of the following refs, insert one of these lines into a <pre class=link-defaults> block:
spec:html; type:method; text:requestAnimationFrame(callback)
spec:webxr-1; type:method; text:requestAnimationFrame(callback)
WARNING: Unexported dfn that's not referenced locally - did you mean to export it?
<dfn data-dfn-type="dfn" id="layout-cycles" data-lt="layout cycles" data-noexport="by-default">layout cycles<a class="self-link" href="#layout-cycles"></a></dfn>
  Successfully generated, with 1 linking errors

Last Bikeshed run at 2019-11-19 01:33:18 PST