The image shows a rectangle in the middle that represents a displayed page. The page is divided into four regions. Region a is a narrow strip along the top of the page. The rest of the page is divided into three columns, labeled from left to right with letters b, c and d. They have different widths.

Around the page rectangle are smaller images, connected to the page by arrows.

An image above the page shows a stylized mountain range and represents the general notion of image. An arrow goes from this image to region a.

An image on the right shows, from top to bottom, some horizontal lines (representing text), an irregular shape (representing an image) and more horizontal lines. The whole represents a typical section in a document, with some text and some images. An arrow goes from this image to region d.

An image below the page is similar but different, with some horizontal lines and an irregular shape. An arrow goes from this image to region c.

An image on the left of the page shows only some horizontal lines. It might represent a piece of a document with only text, maybe a table of contents. An arrow goes from this image to region b.