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Bikeshed Errors

Automatic generation of the file css-writing-modes-3/Overview.html was successful but Bikeshed reported the following:

WARNING: The following <var>s were only used once in the document:
If these are not typos, please add an ignore='' attribute to the <var>.
WARNING: Your console does not understand Unicode.
  Messages may be slightly corrupted.
LINK ERROR: No 'dfn' refs found for '…summary of comment…'.
<i data-link-type="dfn" data-lt="…summary of comment…">…summary of comment…</i>
LINK ERROR: No 'dfn' refs found for 'flow-relative properties'.
<a data-link-type="dfn" data-lt="flow-relative properties">flow-relative properties</a>
  Successfully generated, with 2 linking errors

Last Bikeshed run at 2017-09-20 00:28:12 PDT