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Automatic generation of the file css-cascade-5/Overview.html was successful but Bikeshed reported the following:

FATAL ERROR: 'value' definitions need to specify what they're for.
Add a 'for' attribute to <dfn data-dfn-type="value">revert</dfn>, or add 'dfn-for' to an ancestor.
LINK ERROR: Ambiguous for-less link for 'property', please see <https://speced.github.io/bikeshed/#ambi-for> for instructions:
Local references:
spec:css-cascade-5; type:dfn; for:CSS; text:property
for-less references:
spec:rdf12-concepts; type:dfn; for:/; text:property
spec:css2; type:dfn; for:/; text:property
LINK ERROR: No 'type' refs found for '<declaration>'.
LINK ERROR: No 'dfn' refs found for 'vendor-prefixed' with spec 'css-2021'.
LINK ERROR: Multiple possible 'layout' maybe refs.
Arbitrarily chose https://drafts.csswg.org/css-contain-2/#valdef-contain-layout
To auto-select one of the following refs, insert one of these lines into a <pre class=link-defaults> block:
spec:css-contain-2; type:value; text:layout
spec:css-display-4; type:value; text:layout
WARNING: W3C policy requires Privacy Considerations and Security Considerations to be separate sections, but you appear to have them combined into one.
FATAL ERROR: Unrecognized Can I Use feature ID: mdn-css_types_global_keywords_revert-layer
  Successfully generated, but fatal errors were suppressed

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